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Valley Stream Chamber of Commerce

Northport Chamber of Commerce
MapToons was greeted with a great deal of enthusiasm by the Valley Stream business community. The creators of MapToons were extremely cooperative and worked exceptionally hard to make the project the success it was. This resulted in acquiring 70 new membersand increasing our treasury. The VSCC board held firm to the conviction that if it is worth doing, it’s worth doing it right, and it was. Thank you MapToons!

Frank De Mita / President 2006-2007

East Rockaway Chamber of Commerce

Lynbrook Chamber of Commerce
From the very beginning it was a great pleasure to work with MapToons. The dedication of their staff to turn out a great product for all is priceless. They increased our membership by 46 members and everyone involved in the project enjoyed doing it. Therefore, I highly recommend MapToons to any Chamber of Commerce looking to increase membership and feature their village on such a great map.

Ken Clark / President

Hicksville Chamber of Commerce

Rockville Centre Chamber of Commerce
Typically, most projects undertaken by the Chamber are very labor intensive and demanding of our volunteers. This was not the case with MapToons. Doug and Mark Snider literally hit the ground running. It was great to hear from businesses that these two were not only down to earth, but professional in their dealings with every one of the over 200 businesses that participated in the program. We take our hats off to them and thank them for the wonderful job they did for us.
Our collaboration with MapToons was nothing less than a GREAT SUCCESS as we added over 150 new members to our Chamber! This project not only put our local businesses on the Map, it helped put the Hicksville Chamber there, too.

Lionel Chitty / President

West Hempstead Chamber of Commerce

Franklin Square Chamber of Commerce
Thanks to MapToons our Chamber added 81 new members–nearly tripling our membership–and we significantly increased our treasury, too! Over eighty members attended our “Welcome” dinner meeting, which is far more than we’ve ever had. There is a renewed excitement and enthusiasm within the West Hempstead Chamber of Commerce and the Board thanks MapToons for playing a considerable role in making that possible.

Gary Port / President